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Last updated January 10, 2021
The Marine Distinguished Shooters Association held their Winter Board Meeting on 5 December, 2020. Lots of stuff here for you.

Danny Burke drew the raffle winner for the AR15 rifle. The winner of the raffle was LTCol Ball, who graciously returned it to us to raffle off again. So...stay tuned for another raffle in the New Year.
Seeking any suggestions for the Association. Please feel free to email me at
MCDSA announced the results of the voting for a new Board of Governors (BOG). Gene Rucks, Vince Sulik and Don Heuman are new additions to the BOG. Vince attended the meeting. Thanks to Mike Mitchell for chairing the committee. See the new list under About Us.
Please email any suggestions regarding the MCDSA to
Alert!!! It's come to our attention that some members of the MCDSA have paid incorrect membership fees. Membership is offered to all members as follows: Age 17 to 49, $150.00, age 50 and up $100.00. Some members incorrectly paid up to $300.00 in membership fees. If you are one of those people and can prove payment, please email
MCDSA sends condolences to the family of Josephine Kruk. Click here to see Josephine's obituary.