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Last updated May 15, 2020

Membership renewal dues due!

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Good evening,

  Over the past several years, we have been making great strides bringing our members together for reunions, annual cookouts, banquets, Museum of the Marine Corps tours, and other events of interest. In spite of the COVID-19 lockdown, we are still in the planning stages of having our 2020 Reunion events just as soon as we are allowed to congregate again. As you will read below, the US Army will be hosting the Interservice Pistol Matches, and the US Marine Corps will be hosting the Interservice Rifle Matches this summer.

   But I digress, as you know, you are among a very select few of individuals who not only can claim the title of "Marine", but are even more distinctive by having achieved the status of a Distinguished Rifle, Pistol, or International Marksman. As I'm sure you are aware, the cost of an Annual Membership is $15.00 per year (due by each January 1st). The cost of a Life Membership is $100.00 if you are age 50 and up, and $150.00 if you are 49 and younger as dictated by the By-Laws of our association. For those of you not current in your annual dues (not many by the way), you can forget the years of missed renewals, and upgrade to a Life Membership now.

   We really need each of you to remain a member in good standing of our organization, especially now that we have completed the Red Book Vol II, within which many of your names appear. We still owe a significant amount of money to the publisher of the project, but more importantly, we need to get the Red Book distributed to those whose names are within the pages of this historic compilation of marksmanship prowess. This volume is an exact match to the original Red Book when placed next to it on your bookshelf.

   You can purchase your copy now for $24.95 + $3.33 shipping at the active member rate if you renew or upgrade your membership, or $29.95 + $3.33 shipping at the non-member rate. Additional postage is $1.06 for each additional Red Book if you would like more than one copy.

   I sincerely hope, if you are in arrears, you will consider my proposal, and either renew, or upgrade your membership.

   As you may have heard, we had to postpone our MCDSA events planned during the Marine Corps Matches last month because of the COVID-19 issue and subsequent ban on travel. Also, as a result, all NRA and CMP matches have been cancelled this summer, but we've just gotten word that Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) will host the Interservice Pistol Matches, and the Interservice Rifle Matches will be hosted here at Quantico from 16-24 August, 2020.

   As an update, we are now again planning to host four events during the Interservice Rifle Matches, an informal gathering for a buffet meal on Friday evening, 21 August (possibly Chesty Puller VFW, or place and time TBD), tour of the Museum of the Marine Corps, a Bar-B-Que cookout catered by Mission Bar-B-Que on Range 2 at the 600 yard line pavilions from 1600 to 2000 on Saturday, 22 August, and a pontoon river shore tour from the Town of Occoquan to Tim's Rivershore Restaurant for lunch on Sunday, 23 August. Please let me know if you are interested in any, or all of these events in order to facilitate planning and coordination.

   Some of the people/names on this email list have moved, and we've lost track of them in recent mailings. Please, when responding, send me your current mailing address. so we can verify/update our database accordingly. Also, if you are in touch with anyone who is eligible to join our association, or has been a member that we've subsequently lost touch with, please forward this information to them. We have many others "out there" that went distinguished prior to our MCDSA being formed, and still may not know we exist.

   Spread the word about our upcoming reunion during the Interservice Rifle Matches. Let's try to surpass 150 people at the cookout this summer.

   Red Books will also be available during the reunion events.