In 1940, the Remington Arms Company had completed tooling for a manually operated magazine sporting rifle that had emanated from the U.S. manufactured Enfield Service Rifle that Remington and other American manufacturers had produced during the World War One era. The rifle was to be chambered for several popular calibers, production was to begin in late 1941 with the first manufacturing run to be chambered for the popular .30-06 Springfield Cartridge. Remington tagged the new rifle as the Model 720, and had no sooner started manufacture of it when the United States of America was attacked by the Japanese on December 7, 1941. With total war confronting the United States, most manufacturing firms were being contracted by the government to produce the hardware to fight this war, and the Remington Arms Company was no exception. A decision was made by the company to complete the first manufacturing run of the new rifle which had begun with somewhat less than 4,000 subassemblies being built with less than 1,000 within 90 percent of being completed. The U.S. Navy at this time, found that they did not have sufficient service rifles to equip their service rifle and the new semi-automatic M1 Garand which had recently been adopted as the service rifle of the U.S. Armed Forces. They therefore contracted with Remington for the first production run of the Model 720 in caliber .30-06, a few of these having a 24 inch barrel with the majority having a 22 inch barrel. Records are not available on the exact total number but it was between 920 and 1000. There's also no record of the rifle ever being used in combat, and most likely they were placed in a war reserve status. Remington continued to manufacture the 720 on limited scale from the available subassemblies largely in caliber .30-06 and approximately 4,000 were produced before termination of production in late 1943. The rifle is presently being used as an award for the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps Small Arms Marksmanship Competition as a Secretary of the Navy and a Secretary of Defense Special award.
Rifle, Caliber .30'06 Remington Model 720